14 Mar 2009


Basic4GL, a funny BASIC language for OpenGL programming under Win32. What's more? A free software, a fair compiler, an amazing IDE which allows you using BASIC language to write 2D or 3D applications.

Basic4GL is a free BASIC programming language for Win32 platforms with built in OpenGL v1.1 support.
Basic4GL is a compiler and virtual machine, using a easy, simple syntax based on traditional BASIC. It is designed to be an easy to learn, easy to use language for writing games, 3D demos and utilities without all the setup hassle associated with most language compilers.

Basic4GL was written for anyone who:

  • Wants a free, easy to learn language to get into programming
  • Wants to learn OpenGL, or wants an easy to use environment for playing around with OpenGL, testing out ideas, making concept prototypes, e.t.c
  • Wants to write 3D games and demos.

If you want to know more, please following the link:

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