18 Aug 2016

c++ tip: 逆序迭代vector时下标类型选取不当引起的程序错误


2 Aug 2016

Fragile WiFi Connectivity on Linx10 Tablet

I have a Linx10 tablet for about 1 year now when it's on sale. It came with Windows8 with Bing. I have to admit that it worked very well actually - for a ~50 quids toy after trading my old hp webos tablet for 30. I got it updated to Windows8.1 - then Win10 when it became available on 29 July 2015. It serves me smoothly until ... well, it's difficult to remember. But the WiFi connectivity became more and more unreliable. After using it for a while, the wifi connection disappears and it claims 'limited access' or 'no internet connection'. I have to disable/re-enable the wifi adaptor ~10 times per hour - pain in the ass! I decided to find the reason why it started this shitty work.