2 Aug 2016

Fragile WiFi Connectivity on Linx10 Tablet

I have a Linx10 tablet for about 1 year now when it's on sale. It came with Windows8 with Bing. I have to admit that it worked very well actually - for a ~50 quids toy after trading my old hp webos tablet for 30. I got it updated to Windows8.1 - then Win10 when it became available on 29 July 2015. It serves me smoothly until ... well, it's difficult to remember. But the WiFi connectivity became more and more unreliable. After using it for a while, the wifi connection disappears and it claims 'limited access' or 'no internet connection'. I have to disable/re-enable the wifi adaptor ~10 times per hour - pain in the ass! I decided to find the reason why it started this shitty work.

To blame the router is the first - also the easiest - thing to do. I changed the wifi channel in my router's setting for a couple of times. The wifi problem persists. Then I realised that my smartphone that uses the same channel never has this problem. It should be the problem of the table itself.

Then I checked the specification of the tablet and found out it's a Realtek RTL8723BS SDIO chip inside. Some people suggested turning off the Bluetooth on the chip to avoid interference. For the sake of God, the Bluetooth was turned off already. What can I do? OH, yes - the driver!

I've downloaded more than 5 different drivers from the internet - surprisingly NONE of them came from the manufacturer Realtek. RTL8723BS even cannot be found on their website. I installed them one after another and tried to use the tablet in between. Finally, I found the problem could not be solved by upgrading/downgrading the driver neither.

People also suggest changing the power management setting to untick the box before 'turn off this device to save power'. I am more than happy to do that - if I can find this peice of words somewhere. There's no 'power' tab for this RTL8723BS chip at all!

It is a very frustrating process indeed. But at least it guides me towards the power settings. By looking back to the end of last centuries, I remembered that I had played around with Windows Registry in the old days. May old magic work? Maybe. Using search engines again I found some interesting settings called 'bLeisurePs' for RTL8723BS under the registry key (or simply searching for 'bLeisurePs'):
X might be 0/1/2... depends on your device. By changing the value from 2 to 0 will solve the problem - well, at least my fragile wifi connectivity problem. It became solid for hours now.

I also set "bLowPowerEnable"="0" in case and haven't noticed problems, but this shouldn't be necessary. You might lose some battery power.

Also check this post if you have this problem as well.

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