1 Nov 2009

Fix Endnote Crash

Although Ubuntu is better and better now, Windows is still useful for me for there's no bibliography manage software like Endnote in Ubuntu. (maybe I have not found one?)

The X2 worked fine till today, it just suddenly crashed without any prodrome. Then I uninstalled it and try the new version X3. Ops...same error?

After searching the internet, finally fix it as following:

1, Close all running applications 

2, delete 'Endnote' folder from C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data. (if you can not find it, modify the property of your computer to 'show all hiden file and folder's)

3, open the registry editor (win+R->regedit,or start->run->regedit), delete the entry of 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER”→“Software” →“ISI ResearchSoft” →“Endnote”'

4, run Endnote, it should be fine now.

* To set the hanging for second line of bibliographies, just edit the style, after open bibliography-layout panel, set the hanging option to All paragraph in the right-down corner.

* if your PC became slow after using Endnote, just adjust the setting like:
word option -> proofing -> When correcting spelling and grammar in Word
-> UNCHECK Mark grammar errors as you type

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